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Wills & Estates

According to a poll conducted by Harris/Decima, 31% of Canadians and 27% of Albertans do not have a Will. This is not surprising, and it should put you, if you don’t have a Will, at ease. There is no reason for embarrassment. You are among friends.

However, as a law office, we see both scenarios. There is testimony after testimony from those who wish their loved ones had left a good Estate plan and updated Will prior to death. “I’m not going to leave my Estate in such a way”, is a common response. It compounds the grief and hardship.

We have also heard the opposite from grieving loved ones who are so grateful their loved one prepared adequately for death.

There are many ways to leave a legacy – one can be a person of love, laughter, and life. A Will is not as important as these gifts. However, Will and Estate planning can take the edge off when the pain of losing someone is real and debilitating.

Being prepared is not as challenging as it might seem. Call us for an appointment and we will do our best to take the sting out of preparing for the inevitable.


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