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In a lifetime, an individual can face an array of different legal needs. So, too, can a family and a business. It is important to us at Quantz Law to provide a diversity of excellent services to our loyal clients. It is our goal to be our clients’ “go-to” lawyers. We will continue to build our firm around this goal.

For this reason, we strive to pursue educational opportunities to keep ourselves up-to-date about the law, and especially in the practice areas we believe are central to our clients’ needs: Family Law, Estate Planning, Business Law, Civil Litigation, Real Estate, Personal Injury, Immigration Law, and Alternate Dispute Resolution.

At Quantz Law , we have the right individuals in place to ensure we offer exceptional and well-rounded services to our community.



Wills & Estates

According to a poll conducted by Harris/Decima, 31% of Canadians and 27% of Albertans do not have a Will. This is not surprising, and it should put you, if you don’t have a Will, at ease. There is no reason for embarrassment. You are among friends.

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Family Law

Families go through transitional times, including separation and divorce. We are committed to assisting our clients to obtain the best possible outcome for themselves and for their children. We seek to educate our clients, advocate for their best interest, and promote their well-being and the well-being of their children post-separation.

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Personal Injury

We are vulnerable to personal injuries. Whether the cause is a motor vehicle collision, a motor-vehicle and pedestrian collision, or a slip and fall accident, a personal injury can cause an enormous amount of anguish, pain, frustration, and worry. 

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Real Estate

Your home is a big investment. Beside purchase price, you have other important considerations before signing your name on the contract. The considerations will differ depending on whether you are a purchaser or vendor. At Quantz Law, we will keep our clients well-informed about their obligations under the contract.

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Civil Litigation

Our Justice System is set up as two very distinct branches of law: the criminal branch and the civil branch. When a person has been wronged by another, the “wrong” may be actionable by way of criminal charges. However, that same action may also be a civil wrong and actionable by way of the civil law branch of the justice system.

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Business Law

Having a lawyer on your professional team is a cost-effective and proactive step in any business venture. At Quantz Law, our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers advise our business clients in crucial decisions and at critical times.

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Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes have many advantages over trial. With few exceptions, the parties of a lawsuit must go through an alternate dispute resolution process prior to proceeding to trial. These processes include mediation, arbitration, and judicial dispute resolution.

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Immigration Law

Whether you are immigrating to Canada or claiming refugee protection in Canada, the process can seem complex and confusing. At Quantz Law, we provide quality legal advice and assistance for all your Canadian immigration and refugee law needs, including family sponsorship, economic class immigration, humanitarian and compassionate consideration, citizenship, refugee claims, refugee appeals, sponsorship appeals and more.

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