Unanimous Shareholders Agreement

When a corporation has two or more shareholders, it is prudent for the shareholders to consider entering into a Unanimous Shareholders Agreement (“USA”).

A USA is an agreement amongst shareholders and the corporation about matters of governance and management. Some of the following issues might be resolved by way of a USA:

  • Who will make up the Board of Directors?

  • How will decisions be made? Will anyone have a casting vote?

  • Who will be the officers (President/Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer)?

  • How will the corporation obtain its financing?

  • In what situations will the shareholders be required to advance funds to the corporation

  • How will these advances be repaid?

  • How will personal guarantees be handled by the corporation?

  • Can shares be transferred and in what situations?

  • What restrictions should be placed on the corporation in the conduct of its business?

  • What will happen if a shareholder dies? How will shares be paid out if no insurance is in place?

  • What will happen if a shareholder divorces?

  • How might a shareholder’s interest be bought out? Will there be a right of first refusal?

  • Will there be a shot-gun buy-sell provision for the purchase of shares?

  • How will shares be valued for a sale of shares?

  • How will disputes be resolved? Will the parties resolve disputes by way of Arbitration? Mediation?

  • Are there certain acts by shareholders that will be considered acts of default? How will such defaulting shareholder’s shares be purchased?

  • What about profit? How much will be retained by the corporation? How much paid out to shareholders and in what priority?

  • Should there be a restrictive covenant in place?

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