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Civil Litigation

Our Justice System is set up as two very distinct branches of law: the criminal branch and the civil branch.

When a person has been wronged by another, the “wrong” may be actionable by way of criminal charges. However, that same action may also be a civil wrong and actionable by way of the civil law branch of the justice system.

Some “wrongs” are not prosecuted criminally. For some “wrongs” the only redress is the civil lawsuit.

Civil Litigation is the process by which people can access the justice system in addition to and separate from the criminal justice system.

Simply speaking, at the end of a civil trial, a judge gives answer to two questions about the “wrong”:

  1. Have I been wronged?
  2. If yes, what is my remedy?

Put another way, the goal of the civil lawsuit is to answer the questions of liability and damages.

Individuals or Corporations that initiate a civil lawsuit are called “Plaintiffs.” The parties who are sued are called Defendants. A Defendant may also have a claim against the Plaintiff, as a dispute can often go both ways.

If you are thinking about initiating a civil suit or if you have been named as a Defendant and served with a Statement of Claim or Civil Claim, please contact Quantz Law without delay as there are strict deadlines for starting a civil action and even stricter deadlines for defending against one.

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