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We will be closed on October 24th and 25th, 2016 and relocating to Edmonton.
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About Us

Our “About Us” is really About You. Clients today are engaging as full participants in their legal matters. They are intelligent, educated, savvy, and particular. They come with unique questions and envisioned solutions. They are discerning and complex. They seek understanding about the impact of the law on their particular situations.  Clients want a legal education, sound advice, and prompt services to empower them to improve their legal position. And we aim to deliver – with a full and engaging legal experience for our clients.

Recognizing that the relationship between client and lawyer is one founded on trust, our team is dedicated to updating clients, responding quickly to client inquiries, working efficiently to achieve the best results possible, and participating in continuing education opportunities to increase our own knowledge and skills.

Being About You also means being About Our Community. Contributing to the financial and service needs of our community is one of our key values. We like to be involved.  

Commendation from our clients and community – that’s what we’re all about.




Duties of the Personal Representative of an Estate

A personal representative of the Estate must act in fairness to and for the advantage of all those benefiting from the Estate. This mandate is not simply restricted to those who are named in a Will as a beneficiary, but also extends to creditors who have a claim against the Estate for debts owed. It also may extend to those not named in a Will, but who, because of their situation, are entitled by law to a benefit from the Estate (such as a spouse, adult interdependent partner, or a dependent child).


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Pre-Incorporation Contracts

If you are planning to incorporate a company, and need to arrange some contracts in advance, under the Alberta Business Corporations Act, you are able to act as an agent for a pre-incorporated company and enter into pre-incorporation contracts.

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